AlarmStrobe Siren - AM2030

High Visibility Bright flashing blue strobe light
Loud Siren High output 120dB siren
Tamper Protection   Tamper switch triggers alarm when casing is opened or removed 
Wireless 50 metres wireless transmission range


Strobe Siren

Power Supply DC 12V 500mA
Power Consumption 4.8W Max
Siren 120dB
Radio Frequency 433MHz
Wireless Range Up to 50m

Operating Temperature

-5°C ~ 50°C

Operating Humidity ≤80%


198(L) x 110(W) x 64(H) mm


How loud is the siren?

120dB from 3 meter distance.


What is the siren duration?

1 min in default settings. Duration is adjustable between 1-10 minutes. State legislation determines the maximum siren duration. Please check your local legislation before adjusting siren duration. 


Can the siren be hard wired?

Yes. It can be hard wired to AM2000 alarm panel. 


Is backup battery included?

No.It can be purchased by contacting Orion.